How to Tell If Your Female Friend Likes You

Curious about learning whether your friend has a crush on you? Check out our guide to learn signs she likes you for sure.
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How to Tell If Your Female Friend Likes You

Having a best friend from opposite sex is wonderful. But sometimes it gets complicated when one friend wants to become more than just a friend. In that case it is hard to read the signals correctly because your friend will try to hide her feelings or be scared to ruin the friendship. So you don't want to make a wrong move. Here you will find a helpful guide to make sure your friend loves you. 1. She is Always Curious About You

A girl’s strong interest in everything in your life especially your past is a great helper when you are not sure how to tell if a girl likes you. Your female friend probably knows much about you but there must be something personal and special about you that she doesn’t know yet. When she likes you more than a friend she will be curious about these.

If your friend is too curious that she talks and asks too much she might be into you.

2. She Always Looks Good Around You

How can you tell if a girl likes you? Well check out her look.

If she likes you she will want you to like her back. Probably she will be wearing makeup all the time. She will wear nice clothes around you. She will try to look so pretty all the time that she might get obsessed with her look. By doing so she wants you to get attracted to her.

Moreover she will wait for you to compliment her. If you are into her do it immediately because it can take your friendship to another level.

3. She Gets Jealous

Jealousy is a strong sign a girl like you. So if you aren’t sure whether your best friend likes you or not and question ‘how to know if a girl likes me or not’ you can understand it watching her attitude.

If she likes you and wants a relationship with you it will drive her crazy to see you hanging out with other girls or just talking to other girls. The fact that you are not aware of her attention might upset her so much when she sees you flirting with others. She will want you to spend your time with her not with others. Probably she will not say good things about other girls.

To conclude thanks to these signs you can easily decide on whether your friend has a crush on you or not. For further signs and tips check out our daily blog posts now!

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